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Recipes featured in this video

5 potatoes
3 leeks
3 garlic cloves
1 onion
1.2ltr chicken stock
150ml milk
salt & pepper

400g beef
200g chorizo
1 tsp smoked paprika
2 onions
2 cloves garlic
2 carrots
150g mushrooms
250ml beef stock
500ml ale (or beef stock)
2 tbsp sugar (if using ale)
1 tbsp tomato puree
1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
1 tsp sage
2 bay leaves
Based on this recipe

1.5kg potatoes
100g light cream cheese
100g lightest mayonnaise
2 tbsp garlic powder
2 tsp smoked paprika
2 tsp mustard powder
200g mature cheddar
salt & pepper
Based on this recipe

4 chicken breasts
1 can light coconut milk
2 tbsp curry powder
2 tbsp turmeric
1 tsp ginger
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp coriander
1/2 tsp 5 spice
2 tbsp tomato puree
4/5 cloves garlic
1 onion
300g egg noodles
400ml chicken stock
Based on this recipe

Hello and welcome back to my channel and To another slow cooker video I don’t Know about you but I find that when the Weather turns and it gets a kind of November December that is the time that I get my slow cooker out and I just love Being able to throw things in at the Beginning of the day and not worry about It and then dinner’s just done so I’ve Got four recipes for you I’ve got a Really tasty chicken and noodle Curry I’ve got a super simple soup let’s try Saying that fast five times I’ve got a Super simple soup with hardly any Ingredients really cost effective all of These recipes can be made really really Cheaply and they can stretch your budget To feed a lot of people also by using The slow cooker you’re using less energy And it’s helping to save you money plus Save the environment so that does Lead Me nicely onto the sponsors of this Video so if you’ve watched me for a While you’ll know that I’ve been working With the people over at small they have Sent me lots of their eco-friendly Cleaning products to review so I’ll Leave the other videos linked down below So I’ve already reviewed the dishwasher Tablets I’ve reviewed their cleaning Products they do a multi-purpose spray They do a bathroom spray and I reviewed Their biological laundry capsules and Their fabric conditioner so in this

Video I’m going to talk to you a little Bit more about their non-biological Capsules how I found them whether I Thought they’re any good or not there’s Also a really good free trial that I’ve Got a code for and it actually includes More things than the previous free Trials so you get more free stuff and a Chance to try out the small products but I know you’re all here to look at the Slow cooker recipes so we’ll get into The video and then I will talk to you a Little bit more about the laundry Capsules as we go so with the winter Coming up or probably already here if You’re in the UK soups are a really Popular meal they’re cheap to make easy To make and they can be really really Filling and warming this is the most Simple leek and potato soup that I have Ever made all we’re going to do is get Three leeks I’ve got five medium-sized Potatoes one onion and three cloves of Garlic or the equivalent of chopped Frozen garlic because I’m lazy we’ve got Some salt and pepper for seasoning 150 Ml of milk you don’t have to use dairy Milk you could use oat milk soy milk Coconut milk whatever milk you want to Use and we’re going to use 1.2 liters of Chicken stock which is about three stock Cubes made up with boiling water So all we’re going to do I’m going to Scrub my potatoes but I’m not going to

Bother peeling them because a lot of the Nutrients are in the Skins I’m going to Chop and wash my leeks and my onion and Then I’m going to make up my stock these Are all going to go in together along With the garlic and then I’m going to Pop it on high for four hours at the end Of the cooking time I’m going to add the Milk and then I’m going to Blitz it all Together season with salt and pepper to My liking and that is it done it’s so Quick and simple and this should make Around six really nice portions so let’s Go Foreign [Music] Because you can use pretty much all of It for the soup I’m just cutting off the Bottom And you just the only bits you don’t Want are the really tough like top outer Leaves and I’m just slicing them to the Bottom and then I just slice all the way Down the middle and this just makes it Easier to wash because you can get right In there and run the water down it [Music] Foreign So all I’m going to do now is just add My ingredients straight into my slow Cooker I have preheated it so while I Started to prep my ingredients I turned It on just to help the cooking time a Little bit

Three Lakes Our five potatoes And one onion Three cloves of garlic I’m just going to Add a little bit of salt and pepper now But the majority of it I’ll put in at The end because then you get to taste it Foreign 1.2 liters of chicken stock Give that a stir So I’m going to put mine on high and I’m Going to do it for four hours my slow Cooker is a crock pot brand and it Doesn’t actually get that hot so whereas This might only take you two and a half Or three hours mine just always seems to Take that a little bit longer I’m going To pop mine on for four hours obviously You can check it after like halfway two And a half three hours if the potatoes Are fully cooked then you’re ready to go And then afterwards we will Blitz it add A little bit more seasoning and our milk And we’re done right so it’s actually Been three hours and my potatoes have Gone soft sometimes potatoes are just Softer than others and they cook quicker So these ones didn’t take quite as long As I thought so what I’m going to do now Is Blitz this up and then I’m going to Add my milk and some salt and pepper and Then I will show you it’s served up [Music] So I’ve just got some sourdough bread to

Cut up and serve with it and here is our Leek and potato soup really quick really Cheap and really really tasty you could Always sprinkle some black pepper or Chili flakes on top now and this is my Leek and potato soup So for this recipe we’re going to be Making a beef and chorizo casserole this Is a really nice winter warming recipe And I’m not going to do any pre-cooking I’m in two minds about pre-cooking or Pre-sealing meats and things for the Slow cooker on the one hand it does help To seal in the flavor and give a little Bit of Browning to your meat on the Other hand the joy of the slow cooker is That you can throw everything in turn it On and leave it for the day and we Haven’t always got time to be sealing And frying and everything first because If you’re going to do that you might as Well just cook it from scratch in the Evening anyway so I’m just going to put All this straight in the slow cooker so I’m going to be using 200 grams of Chorizo I’ve just got a mild Spanish one I’ve got 400 grams of diced beef it Doesn’t matter which one you use the Cheap cut is absolutely fine beauty of The slow cooker is it will make any Cheaper tougher Meats really really Tender I’m going to put in 500 mL of Ale and I Will leave the recipe linked Down Below

In the description box and I will also Type out the ingredients I’ve used Because I always change things so the Original recipe calls for Guinness Um I couldn’t find any Guinness so I’ve Just got some ale if you don’t want to Use alcohol you can always use extra Beef stock instead of the ale so I’m Going to use 500 mL of Ale but you could Replace that with an extra 500 mL of Beef stock I’ve got 150 grams of Mushrooms two onions two carrots I’ve got 250 ml of beef stock which I’ve Just made up in here using one beef Stock Cube so I’ve actually used less Water than you’re supposed to to make up A stock Cube because with slow cookers One of the key things is to use less Liquid and more flavor than you usually Would It really really is a huge tip with Cooking so many people say that when They use their slow cooker their meals Come out really Bland and watery so you Always need to cut the liquid and up the Flavor so one beef stock cube in 250 ml Of water I’ve got two cloves of garlic that I’m Going to pretend that I chopped up here But it’s actually from the freezer which You can tell because it’s solid so the Equivalent of two garlic cloves I’ve got two bay leaves these are Optional I do have a bay leaf tree tree

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In the garden Um and you should have seen me out there In my slipper socks leaning across Trying not to get wet and picking these So yep I’ve whisked my socks for those I’m going to put in a teaspoon of thyme And a teaspoon of smoked paprika we’re Also going to use a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce and a tablespoon of Tomato puree And then if you do decide to use ale Guinness beer any of those things And then I’m going to add two Tablespoons of sugar if you’re gonna go With the beef stock instead of the ale You don’t need to add the sugar so Really really simple I’m gonna scrub my Carrots and chop them pop the onions Slice up our mushrooms and I’m also Going to chunk up my chorizo probably in A similar kind of size to the beef Chunks and then we’re just going to Assemble it in the slow cooker and pop It on no pre-cooking let’s just get on With it foreign [Music] [Music] Okay so we are going to assemble our Casserole when I say assemble I Literally mean throw everything in the Slow cooker and hope for the best so the Only other thing you may want to use in This casserole is after the cooking time About half an hour before the end

You may want to add some corn flour or Cornstarch mixed with a little bit of Water just to make a paste to thicken up Your sauce but it depends how it turns Out So I’ve got my onion and mushrooms how Am I going to add some carrots And my treat so that I’ve just sliced up Roughly the same size as the beef it Doesn’t need to be exact because we’re Just trying to get this done as quickly As we can Next up we’re going to add my beef I’m Going to use one teaspoon of dried Sage I’m going to use one teaspoon of smoked Paprika A tablespoon of tomato puree I’m Actually kind of measuring this I don’t Always and a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce Smells amazing already I’m gonna pop in My garlic which is roughly two cloves my Sugar because I’m using the ale if You’re using beef stock you don’t need The sugar got one beef stock cube made Up with 250 ml of water I’ve got my bottom of 500 meals worth of Ale That is a strange smell at nine o’clock In the morning And I’m also going to pop in my two bay Leaves which we will fish out at the end Of cooking so I’m going to give this a Really good stir

Smells so good so I’m gonna pop mine on Low for around seven hours then I’m Gonna check it see how much sauce I’ve Got I think I’m gonna serve it with Mashed potatoes so I do want quite a bit Of gravy apologies as in every video for The snoring dog In the background she likes to make an Appearance so yeah I’m going to check my Liquid situation if I need it to be a Little bit thicker then I will pop some Corn flour mixed with water in and give It another half an hour to an hour just To thicken up a little bit and that’s it So I’m going to pop my lid on and we’re Gonna give it seven hours and then I Will check back so while that’s cooking This is the perfect opportunity for me To explain how you can get your free Trial from small you can get dishwasher Tablets you can get the laundry capsules And the free trial now also includes Their multi-purpose spray it really Really is worth having a go and taking Up the free trial if nothing else so the Non-biological laundry capsules you can Set up a plan for them to be delivered Direct to your door they can just come Straight to your letterbox the box is That small and by switching to small it Helps to save over four tons of plastic Every week the captures themselves smell Amazing like I said I’ve used the Biological ones but I’ve also used the

Non-bio ones because my teenager gets Really bad eczema flare-ups and certain What washing powders not all of them but Certain ones do affect his skin so I’ve Been trying these I actually even took These on holiday with me Um you may have seen if the packing Video is already up I’m not sure but I Popped them in my suitcase and took them With me so I could do my laundry there So they’re really handy as well because It’s so flat that I knew that I didn’t Have to take a big tub so you’ve got Your capsules everyone knows what a Washing capsule is it actually does say On the packaging that if you’ve got Larger lows like I’ve got a larger Machine what is mine I think oh yeah I’ve got a nine kilo machine and I Always like try and fill it almost to The top I leave like a hand’s width at The top it says to use two capsules I Thought I’d give it a try for me and for You guys to see about saving money and I Actually only put one in for my large Load and the washing is coming out Smelling amazing and completely clean so It would be up to you but dosing wise I’ve been using just one capsule in a Wash absolutely fine they smell so good And they’re just getting everything Really clean they’re dermatologically Tested so you know that they are not Going to cause any irritations or

Anything when you set up your plan you Can pause it bring It Forward skip it Cancel it all together at any time it’s Like no obligation whatsoever and it Does save you lugging everything back From the supermarket and it can be Really helpful to people maybe if you Don’t get out so much or if you haven’t Got a car or if you struggle with the Shopping I think even for people like my Mum perhaps who takes a little trolley With her so she didn’t have to buy her Laundry liquid her fabric conditioner Her cleaning sprays or her dishwasher Tablets it would save her a lot of stuff To carry there is also a really super Simple child lock on these as well so It’s not just you can’t just pop The Box Open you just tear off the tabs and the Front and then you use your thumb to Push this little bit here and you put Your finger in there and you squeeze and Push and it definitely is child friendly Because it took me a really long time to Work out how to do it I just love the Smell of washing I really do so there’s 35 less carbon now vegan and cruelty Free like I said they come direct Through your letterbox and they’re a Super concentrated formula same as with The fabric conditioner and the cleaning Sprays you really are condensing Everything down so we’re using less Resources to transport things around and

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Really doing our bit to help the Environment and the other thing I just Want to say before we go back and check On the slow cooker is the price is Comparable to your supermarket brands I’m not saying buy these and then They’re going to cost you like three Times the amount that your normal Washing liquid would they’re actually Comparable to the supermarkets so if you Want something delivered through your Door and you want to take the hassle out Of it and also do your bit of the Environment then it’s not going to cost You the Earth either see what I did There if you stick around to the end of The video I will let you know the code So that you can get a free trial of not Only these but the dishwasher tablets And the multi-purpose surface spray so It’s really really worth doing but let’s Go and check on our slow cooker recipe So it’s been about seven hours and my Stew has made the whole house smell Amazing it’s looking really really good So I’m just about to make some Mash to Go with it and I want it a little bit Thicker than it is now so what I’m going To do is just fish out the two bay Leaves I popped in So in a glass I just put two heaps Tablespoons of corn flour and a tiny bit Of water mixed it together and I’m just

Going to add this into my stew now and Then I’m going to mix that through I’m gonna pop my lid on and by the time I’ve sorted out my mashed potato and Made that then this should be ready to Serve and it will be nice and thick But still with loads of lovely gravy the Other thing you could do to thicken it If you haven’t got corn flour you can Either pop it on high and take the lid Off for the last half an hour or you can Put a clean tea towel underneath the lid Put the lid back on and that will absorb All the moisture that you don’t want so Here we are served up and it is tasting Amazing I’m really really pleased with How it’s turned out we’ve served it with A generous helping of homemade buttery Mashed potato you’ve got the chorizo Your mushrooms your carrots and loads And loads of that really nice flavored Gravy so this is it my beef and chorizo Slow cooker casserole so for this recipe We’re gonna make a cheesy bacon potato Casserole this can be served as a side Dish if you wanted to serve it was like A slow cooked Gammon or roast chicken or Something but I’m adding bacon into it And I think you can have it completely On its own as a main dish if you wanted A serve it of like some tenderstem Broccoli and some carrots on the side Really filling really easy to do and It’s one my kids favorites so what I’ve

Got is one and a half kilos of potatoes So I’ve just scrubbed them I’m going to Leave the skins on I’m going to use About 200 grams of extra mature cheddar You could use any cheese you like but The stronger the better I’ve got eight slices of bacon and I’m Gonna chop this up all I’m going to do Is remove the Rind like the visible fat But I’m not going to worry too much Because it will cook down in the slow Cooker Two chopped onions we’re going to mix Together 100 grams of this reduced fat Soft cheese I’m using the garlic and Herb but you could use any one normal Philadelphia plain is fine I’m going to Use 100 grams of lighter than light Mayonnaise I’m going to use two Tablespoons of garlic granules two Teaspoons of mustard powder or you could Just use normal mustard if you don’t Have mustard powder it’s the same Quantity so two teaspoons and two Teaspoons of smoked paprika I’m also Going to put a little sprinkling of salt As I go and I will type the ingredients In the description box down below just In case you miss anything or just want To refer back to it so the first thing I’m going to do is Cube up my potatoes And dice my onions and then we need to Grate our cheese chop our bacon and Layer it up

[Music] I mean that’s pretty good I just pulled This cheese out of my fridge and thought I need around 200 grams and it’s 198. Okay so now we are going to mix together Our other ingredients so I’m going to Use a hundred grams of lighter than Night Mayo Which by the way never comes out of the Squeezy bottle very well oh come on I Know there’s more in there than that you Could use any Mayo I just prefer to use The lighter versions we’re going to use 100 grams of light soft cheese I’ve got The flavored one just to add that little Bit more I’m gonna pop in two tablespoons of Garlic granules if you don’t like garlic Maybe half the garlic granules I’m just Saying I’m a huge garlic fan but If you’re not then lose a bit less I’m Gonna put two teaspoons of smoked Paprika Or slightly more than two if it all Comes out at once And then two teaspoons of mustard or Mustard powder whatever you happen to Have On hand And I’m probably Thunder now I’m just going to take a Four And combine this together This is going to be layered over our

Potato bacon and onion mix along with The cheese and it’s gonna get warm in The slow cooker and it’s gonna kind of Melt all over leaving a delicious sauce Actually smells really good like that Would make a really nice dip Now if you had some celery I don’t like Celery so I don’t even know why I said Celery he just popped into my head we Have peppers carrots cucumber sticks I Think this would make an amazing dip you Could add some chili to it as well and I Haven’t tasted it but it just smells Really good it does smell very garlicky So Beware of the garlic if you have any Important meetings coming up first thing I’m going to do is actually spray it With a little bit of spray oil I don’t Always do this but because I’m not Putting a lot of liquid Things can get stuck especially where There’s cheese involved so I’m gonna pop Around half of my potatoes It’s like a cooker Roughly half of my onions Which I’ve just diced quite finely and Also half of my bacon Just roughly now I’m gonna kind of Try and Spoon Half of my mayo and cream cheese mixture Over the top It may not spoon brilliantly but you Just kind of want it there if that makes

Sense so as long as you’ve got some you Know evenly scattered I suppose because It’s quite sticky at the moment and then I’m gonna pop half of my cheese On the top of that oh this is going to Be so good And then repeat [Music] I’m actually going to cook mine on high For four to five hours I’m going to Check it after four but I’m gonna allow For five if you want to leave it on low You could put it on for probably eight To nine hours it’s going to take a while There’s a lot of potatoes and not a lot Of liquid so that will make a difference So I’m going to pop it on for five hours Check it after four and I’m leaving mine On high so it’s been four hours I think My casserole is pretty much done I’m Gonna give it a stir through give it Another half an hour or so and then I Think we are done but there’s a nice Amount of liquid forming the potatoes Are all coated and it smells so good so Yeah potatoes are almost cooked not Quite soft yet so I’ve just served some In a bottle to show you what it looks Like a little bit prettier than in the Slow cooker they taste amazing like I Said before if you’re not a fan of Garlic definitely halve it and use one Tablespoon if you like garlic I’ll Definitely stick at the two because it’s

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Really good you’ve got the nice creamy Potatoes the bacon the cheese I’ve just Chopped a little bit of spring onion on Top of mine like I said this is Technically a side dish but I could Easily sit and eat a plate of that for My dinner I would probably put some Tenderstem broccoli and some carrots on The side just a really nice warming Comfort food dish it didn’t take very Long to do it was really cheap to make And it’s relatively healthy compared to Some of the recipes you can get for Cheesy bacony potatoes so this is my Slow cooked cheesy potato and bacon Casserole and I just wanted to pop this Bit in because it is the next day and I’ve just put them in a little ceramic Dish and pop them in the airfryer and They’ve turned into like really crispy Cheesy breakfast potatoes and Steve’s Showing it off because I’m just having Some potatoes but he’s having a cheese And mushroom omelette which looks really Good actually and these little slow Cooker potatoes so for this recipe we Are going to make a slow cooker a Chicken curry but instead of serving This one with rice we’re actually going To serve it with egg noodles makes a Really nice change this is very very Simple it takes four hours on high and Then you just put your noodles in for The last 15 minutes so really simple one

So I’m using four chicken breasts I’ve Got one large chopped onion I’ve got one Tin of reduced fat coconut milk you can Use full fat if you’d rather I’m going to use 200 grams of medium egg Noodles I’m going to use two tablespoons of Curry powder this is just a medium one We want one tablespoon of turmeric then We’re going to want one teaspoon each of Ground ginger cumin ground coriander and Chili powder I’ve got a hot one so if You don’t like it hot maybe put a little Bit less or use a milder chili powder I’m also going to add half a teaspoon of Five spice We’re going to pop in Two tablespoons of tomato puree and Around five garlic cloves and this is The Garlic I use it’s just the chopped Fresh garlic that they freeze And then at the end of cooking once We’re when we’re ready to add our Noodles we are just gonna add some Chicken stock to cook the noodles so Really really simple all we’re going to Do is pop everything in I’m not even Going to chop my chicken because when I Get to the stage of adding the noodles I’m just going to shred it up a little Bit just saves on time now you can just Throw it all in again with your day so Again for this recipe I have preheated My slow cooker only while I was chatting

And preparing the ingredients but it Does help on the cooking time so I’m Just going to pop straight in my four Chicken breasts I’m gonna add my garlic I’m just gonna leave it in a frozen lump It’s the equivalent to around four or Five cloves we’ve got one onion teaspoon Of ginger One teaspoon of cumin One of coriander And one of chili I’m gonna add about half a teaspoon of Five spice And then with the tablespoons I’m going To go in with two of the medium curry Powder you could use any curry powder Hot mild Flavored it’s up to you Two tablespoons of turmeric Which stains everything so don’t get it Anywhere if you can help it we want two Tablespoons of tomato puree which is Basically two good squeezes one Two and then the last thing for now Other than just a little bit of salt and Pepper is our tin of coconut Milk A little bit of salt and pepper and then All we’re going to do is Stir It pop the Lid on and cook it on high for four Hours So just make sure everything’s mixed And I said this one is so easy it takes No time at all to prepare and if you

Don’t chop your chicken it’s even Quicker No That is it lid’s going on I’ll be back In four hours and then I’ll add some Chicken stock on my noodles we’ll pop it On high for a little bit longer and We’re done So as you can see our Curry has started To cook really nicely the chicken is Literally just falling apart it’s really Tender so I’m just going to shred it a Little bit it’s really not going to take Very much every time I try and pick up a Chicken breast it just falls apart so I’m going to add my noodles into the Curry because I want it all to cook Together so what I’ve done is I’ve put One stock cube in about 400 mL of Boiling water Just going to add that into my slow Cooker I’m just going to give that a mixture And then I’ve got about 200 grams of egg Noodles so I’m just going to mix those Through and I’m going to leave it for About 15 minutes once they’re completely Covered And we should be ready to go so we Finished cooking and my noodles have Gone really soft the chicken is all Shredded and it smells so good in here I’m really looking forward to this one So I’m just going to pop it in some

Bowls and we’ve made loads and loads of It so it’ll feed all of us and it will Definitely be leftovers so here we are Served up I tried to make it look fancy By twirling it round but it didn’t Really work so it’s just a big curry Noodle chicken blob on a plate but I can Guarantee it does taste nice it smells Amazing and the noodles have gone just Soft enough but there’s still a tiny bit Al Dente which is really good because You don’t want them all mushy so yeah This is it this is our really really Quick and simple slow cooker chicken and Noodle Curry and as always I will leave My recipe typed in the description box And link to any recipes that I have Based it on okay so that is it for this Video I really hope you’ve enjoyed it And you maybe you’re gonna try some Things in your slow cooker I really Really do recommend the soup it just Took no time at all well it took no time At all to prepare and it’s just perfect For this time of year so make sure to go And check out the link in the Description box if you want to get the Free trial of small products so my code Is the Folger 15. I’ll pop it on the Screen now and I will leave it type down Below that code is going to get you a Free trial of laundry capsules a free Trial of dishwasher tablets and a free Trial of the multi-purpose surface spray

So you’re getting so many products that You can try out and see what you think That will also get you 15 off an Additional two orders so if you try the Products and you really like them then Use the code and you’ll get 15 off your Next tour as well you really can’t go Wrong with free trials are ideal because You don’t have to take my word for it I Really like these they smell amazing and They work really really well I like the Idea behind having them delivered if That’s something that you find you need And fits in with your lifestyle so thank You to smile for sending me all these Products over to review I’ve really Enjoyed trying out different things and It’s kind of opened my eyes a bit to Different ways of doing things and there Are more options than just supermarkets So if you’re not subscribed I’d love you To go and do so and leave this video a Thumbs up and I’ll be back really really Soon with another one take care guys [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]

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