Detox Slow Cooker Loaded Vegetable Soup

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[Music] Hey guys today I am making a loaded Vegetable soup now I’m going to make This in my crock pot and you can totally Make it on your stove top just cook it Until all these vegetables are soft and I’m going to show you how to make this Um without any meat if you just are Wanting to load up on vegetables but you Could totally throw in some chicken Breasts or like ground turkey to give You some added protein and especially if You want to make this a heartier soup if You’re serving it as like a main dish so I’m gonna just jump right in and get Started so I’ve got my slow cooker here This is a six quart slow cooker so you Want it to be pretty big because we’re Going to fit a lot of stuff in here I’m Just going to spray some non-stick Cooking spray because that always helps With cleanup and then we’re gonna just Jump right in sorry about my baby in the Background this is this is life making Dinner for your family so I’ve got one Onion that I’ve chopped up and then I’m Going to add about a pound of potatoes Now I just did red potatoes and I kept The skins on I scrubbed the skins and Then I’m keeping them on because that’s Where a lot of the nutrients are so dump In your potatoes and then I just chopped Up one big sweet potato I love the color Of sweet potatoes plus the flavor is

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Really good and then I just cut up some Baby carrots if you’re using big carrots I’d say do about two whole carrots chop Them up and then I’m gonna do just two Stalks of celery you can go you can dice Those as small as you want or as big as You want doesn’t matter and then right Here I’ve got a can of diced tomatoes I Didn’t even drain it I’m just gonna dump The whole thing right in and then I told You this soup is loaded with vegetables So I am dumping in a whole bag of frozen Mixed vegetables this one has carrots And peas and green beans and corn you Can really do any vegetables in this Soup it doesn’t matter okay then I’ve Got some fresh parsley about a quarter Cup dump that in and now we’re going to Add our spices and Seasonings so I’ve Got two cloves of garlic chopped upper Minced whatever you want it to be Throw that in there And then I’m going to do just salt to Taste you can do as much or as little as You want and the great thing is you can Always add salt later too and after it’s Done cooking to see you know how much More flavor it needs this is just some Ground black pepper I’ll probably do like a quarter teaspoon Just Give it a couple twists Okay and then garlic salt you can also Use garlic powder

Put some on there Um allspice this is not necessary it’s Completely optional but it does give it A really good flavor and you don’t need Very much because it’s pretty powerful I’d say maybe an eighth of a teaspoon And then this one’s also optional this Is crushed red pepper doesn’t really add Heat adds kind of just some flavor So put that on there now if you wanted To add protein like chicken this would Be the time to do it And then I’m just going to add four cups Of chicken broth now if you want this to Be completely vegetarian you could Definitely use vegetable broth to kind Of use whatever you have on hand Okay and there you go let me grab Spoon to stir it I’m gonna give it a good mix and then You’re just going to cook this on low Until your vegetables are tender I would Say maybe three to four hours on low and Then check it and see if your sweet Potatoes and your red potatoes are soft If not you could go another hour or so Until they are soft but that’s it you Are completely done I love those dinners Where you can just kind of dump it set It and forget it this recipe we actually Used in our healthy weekly menu plan if You haven’t checked that out be sure to Um click on the link because that we Will email you six healthy recipes every

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Week two side dishes and a healthy Dessert and all of those recipes are Under 500 calories a serving plus we Have a shopping list Um so that it makes shopping and meal Planning super easy so that’s it for Today I hope that you guys have a good One and we will see you next time [Music] [Music]

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