EASY Slow Cooker Meatball Pasta

In this easy cooking video, I make some meatballs and pasta in my crock pot, or slow cooker. The ingredients I used in my easy crockpot recipe are a 16 oz package of Italian Style Meatballs, a 24 oz jar of Classico Family Traditional pasta sauce, 1 cup of water, and 3/4 cup of elbow macaroni. I cooked the meatballs and pasta sauce on high for 2 hours. Then added the macaroni and let it cook for 30-35 more minutes.
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Thank you [Music] Hey guys today I’m going to make some Meatball pasta so let’s get cracking I’ve got some pre-made Italian meatballs Here these are coriando brand Um these are frozen I got these at the Grocery outlet for six dollars but I Think I’ve seen these in the fresh Section as well at the regular grocery Stores but I think they’re usually more Maybe nine or ten dollars so I’m gonna Do is just put them in my slow cooker Here Foreign These meatballs are made of pork I Cooked some yesterday and I thought they Were good then I’m going to add a 24 Ounce jar of Classico Uh family style pasta sauce I added a cup of water to the jar That’ll get the the rest of the sauce Out of the jar and also that’ll be some Liquid for the pasta to cook in I’m Going to cook this on high for a couple Of hours then I’ll add some of this Elbow macaroni at the end It’s been two hours so let’s take a look Here Those meatballs ought to be cooked I’m Going to go ahead and add the macaroni I’d say it’s about three quarters of a Cup Stir that in

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And now I’ll get the lid back on there And just keep an eye on that until the Macaroni is cooked about the way I want It it’s been about 35 minutes since I Put the pasta in there I’ve stirred it up a few times That looks about right to me now I’m Going to get it all out of there because The crock pot will hold the Heat and it Will get mushy if you leave it in there So I’m gonna get it all out of there and Put it in a bowl now Put it all in this glass baking dish Cut into a meatball and see how it looks Pasta cook looks cooked about right you Could use other types of pasta if you Wanted but these elbow macaroni work Pretty well all right let’s try that out [Music] Foreign [Music] S have a little bit of mozzarella cheese In them as well Mamma Mia Annie you want to try the spicy meatball Jeez [Music] Well that turned out good and I’ve done That same recipe with sausage as well There’s a video of that one too anyway I’ll write everything in the description Like usual thanks for watching see you Guys next time [Music]

Foreign [Music]

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