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So many people complicate The Ketogenic Diet…I am a firm believer that food can indeed heal your body. I don’t try to sell anything, this diet can be completely successful with food alone and you can definitely do this on lower budget meats. I do, however, recommend electrolytes. When you eat a high carb diet your body holds water and when you eat a low carb diet your body releases water along with electrolytes. You don’t need to buy expensive electrolytes if you can’t afford them, just make sure the ingredients are clean and free of sugar. Pickle juice even works or you can make your own, just make sure your body is getting them.

I don’t take ketones and I don’t test where mine are at. I also don’t count calories or macros. That’s too complicated and time consuming for me personally (Not knocking it at all because it works for many others and helps to keep them on track.) I just keep my carbs low (around 20 total carbs a day) and I eat fat and protein. I don’t count those either. I just eat until I am satisfied. The way I feel, the scale and the way my clothes fit help me to know where I am at.

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I don’t have cheat days/meals…my health can’t afford it.

I do have some discount codes to help others save money if you want to purchase different products, but again they are not necessary to be successful.

So don’t feel pressured to buy anything. Just keep your ingredients clean and try to eat whole one ingredient, God given foods for the best healthy outcome.

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This is my health journey, it may not work for all, I just feel compelled to share it.
Thank for watching…God Bless!
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Hi everyone welcome to low carb Revelation I am Paula and I live a keto Lifestyle today I am making soup in my Slow cooker my crock pot what do you Guys call it slow cooker crock pot both I call it both I am making a cheesy Chicken taco soup and there’s only a few Ingredients in this soup it’s a really Good thick creamy soup perfect for a Cold winter day and you just want some Comfort food I have it going right now In the crock pot this also can be made In an instant pot I am just making it in My slow cooker I am just home all day Today and I just wanted it to cook Slowly while I am home and get that Smell going throughout the house this Soup like I said is very limited in Ingredients but you can be creative and Come up with more ingredients to put in The soup or to top the soup with once It’s done so that can be left all up to You and you can get creative and do that How you want to do it but I’m going to Show you real quick how I make this soup And then at the end of the video I will Show you what it looks like when it is All done so here we go so I have my Crock pot here and so what I’m going to Put in here is some chicken tenderloin You can use a couple of large chicken Breast if you want but I had these in The freezer so I pulled these out I’m Gonna use this up these are still

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Partially frozen that’s okay it’ll cook Down pretty quickly so I’m just going to Put those in the crock pot and I have a Block of cream cheese here that I’m Going to Dump right in I have one can of Rotel And sometimes I put in an extra can of Mild chilies the little small cans I Don’t have any right now but this has Some chilies in it it’s good with a Little extra if you have it and I have Some chicken broth here that I made Myself out of a rotisserie chicken after It was all done being eaten I boiled the Rotisserie chicken down into a broth That is just the fat on top I don’t skim Off my fat on my broth I just leave it In there The last thing that I’m going to add for Now is some taco seasoning I make my own Taco seasoning I’ll link the recipe down Below I like making my own because I can Control the ingredients on what I put Into my taco seasoning and this is a Really good one I’m going to be putting In two heaping tablespoons Of this taco seasoning I almost call it Chili powder and give a little bit of a Stir so that the taco seasoning can get Down into the liquid And that is it for now I’m going to turn This on low and let it cook for six to Eight hours

And when that’s done I will be back to Show you the final steps to making this Soup I was off camera I pulled out the Chicken pieces and shredded them Like this and then I put them back into This soup And now I’m going to add my last Ingredients shredded Mexican cheese I’ll give that a little stir And then just to make it a little bit More creamy put in a little bit of heavy Cream I also am adding a little bit of xanthan Gum to this the reason why I add xanthan Gum to recipes is because it is a Thickener just like cornstarch or flour Would be it’s much lower than carbs than Flour or cornstarch so I’m just going to Put that in there give it a little stir Put the lid back on and I’m going to let This continue to cook for another half Hour so soup is done you can see those Nice big chunks of chicken here you can Use chicken thighs in this you could Also Brown up some ground beef and use That instead of the chicken it’s just Whatever you prefer this would be really Good topped with some sour cream some Extra cheese some cilantro but I am just Going to go ahead and have it just like This today I’m gonna go ahead and try a Bite now Hmm

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This is a really great tasting bowl of Soup the soup is also great for meal Prep you can make a batch of this and Put it into individual Bowls in the Refrigerator this also freezes well and You could take this to lunch and just Warm it up it’s really good it’s really Hearty and it tastes great that is the End of the video for today make sure you Subscribe to my channel so you don’t Miss out on my future recipes and tips Give me a thumbs up for this video Because it really helps my channel grow I will see you very soon have a great Day and God bless

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