Slow Cooked Deer in Mushroom Cream Sauce

A video on how I made Deer Chislick into an amazing slow cooked pull apart Deer roast in a Mushroom Cream Sauce.

You’re not gonna get up Too comfortable to get up Too comfortable Come on let’s go inside Let’s go outside [Music] Come on Spoiled huh go sit I see why he didn’t want to get up Winter Wonderland Trees are all still white too It’s so beautiful I did clear spot for him though Oh that’s so beautiful though [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] So we got another great recipe video for You and again I’m going to do the Voiceover because I’m actually gonna Have fun with this so here you can Actually see that I am going mono omano With the Azure gravy mix [Music] A little mad so we’re gonna be adding I kind of roughed it Because the first time I ever did this Recipe But I added about somewhere between a Quarter to an eighth of a cup of The Aji gravy mix

And I apologize for anybody hears them Meowing in the background nights a Little mad I’m not sharing the wet food With him So he’s outside the door throwing a Tantrum And Danko was kind enough to um record This for me today Well that day anyways I am I’m going with the messy hair don’t care Kind of a thing because it was a long Day and I feel like really doing much With myself Just making a quick dinner and As for most of my recipes I used a lot Of distilled water usually when I’m Going to be removing liquid I won’t use Distilled water I’ll use a purified Water because of how much it likes to Just suck things up and everything but I really wanted to clean flavor so I Just said forget it we’re just gonna go With the um Distilled water you gotta mix it up Pretty good All that other fun stuff [Music] And here I’m using some dehydrated pink Oyster mushrooms they don’t stay pink For very long but you know they still Have really great flavor This is pretty much my entire Supply I Used about a Cup’s worth of these and They were reconstitute really really

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Well this is in these type of recipes Actually I haven’t had an issue with Reconstituting dehydrated mushrooms like Ever I don’t know if I’d put them on a Pizza but [Music] Slow cooking recipes Alfredo’s they seem to work really good And I have about a pound of deer Chislick This is bigger cut than I usually do so Another reason why I’m slow cooking it And usually I do not slow cook this Recipe It’s pan fried It’s the mushrooms and the aju gravy and Then I add the cream and it comes out Really good but I really wanted a soft Pull apart meat on this one so I went Ahead and went with the slow cooked Version And it did really come out amazing a Little watery but it came out really Good because all that muscle Just had such amazing flavor And Danko was a little worried about the Whole deer meat thing I’m not a fan of Deer meat and To be honest it tastes just like beef [Music] This didn’t taste like chicken though So you want to get the the meat in there The um Definitely want the mushroom flavors up

In there I’m gonna add the whole thing And even that powdered mushroom Has a lot of great extra flavor to the Sauce so that came out really good yeast Usually I add onion powder however There’s really no point the aju gravy Has a lot of onion flavor to it so Adding more is just kind of Overkill and I learned that the hard way my original Recipe also added um Added onion powder however what I would Have done differently in this than in This video is I added the garlic a Little bit later on and I would have Added the uh The garlic right about now when I went To go ahead and start it up Now I’m going to clean all the deer Blood off my counter All right so it’s been cooking on high For about three hours in this part You can see that the mushrooms are nice And reconstituted nice dark broth came Out really great And now my dog’s awake too he’s hearing Me talk about Jeremy his mouth is Watering [Music] As you can see I got the better than Bullion uh garlic getting ready to go in I had to do a little bit of prep work First And I do apologize my voice is weird but I just had a lot of dental work done

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Which is another reason why I wasn’t up In the camera because I’m still adjusting and it’s really not Fun So I’m going to remove a lot of this Broth actually I want to keep some of it In to kind of add the flavor And obviously I’m losing some of the Smaller mushrooms along with it and you Can see the little bit of Deer fat that had turned into a nice oil Across the top and it’s such a lean meat That you don’t get a whole lot that was Beef you had been seeing big giant Bubbles Yeah it came out a lot smoother It’s a lot less of a Sheen so there’s a Lot less a lot less fat going on in here [Music] I’m just gonna keep removing that I really didn’t want to lose all those Good mushroom flavors But they didn’t want to stick around [Music] Foreign ERS they really absorbed a lot of the Flavor as well which Makes which is another reason why I like The dehydrated mushrooms for things Because of that reconstituting that goes On And now I’ve got a well as soon as I Finish this here I’m going to Start breaking up the meat a little bit

More Mostly just because I’d rather get it Done now rather than later But I mean it’s already really soft and Tender so I guess I decided not to but we’re gonna Go and fast forward this part because Well It’s boring that’s that’s not good Ourselves and hear why somebody shred Beef is Pretty boring and I’m not really doing The ASMR Videos so Otherwise I’d be showing you all the Snowfalls that comes out which I might Actually do Nice relaxing snowfall video Problem is most time it falls at night And That’s not easy to record [Music] So longer than you think I really want to get it all broken up And everything Last little bit of cooking was pretty Simple And I still had a few big chunks which Danko really enjoyed All right finally done let’s add some Garlic And this is still going to cook for Another hour I just have to add some cream sauce

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First Which will eventually happen [Music] Probably should have clipped this part Of the video out Here we go [Music] So now this does have really good colors Just because the gravy the gravy and the Mushrooms kind of takes over a little Bit there and the meat is definitely Looking really good so I’m really happy With that So now we’re just going to Push it down a little bit What I thought I saw there Ah we are going to cover this up and let It cook for about another hour so that That cream flavor can also soak into the Meat The cream actually absorbs the mushroom Flavor as well and the aju flavor and All that stuff so after about an hour of Cooking it’s softened up even a little Bit more so the meat’s really super Tender at this point Um The hardest part is trying to drain it Because this this one is a lot more Runny than I usually make it Um That sauce over dipping that meat in is Just amazing so at this point if you Were gonna make this recipe you want to

Probably drain it to your liking I’m Pretty sure I could have also added Something like tapioca flour which I Never use I’ve never once used but I Hear it’s the same as basically corn Starch where it’ll really thicken that Up or you can even just add a little bit Of flour If you add the flour in About you know the last half hour or Something like that it would really Thicken up the sauce and then it would Also cook out that flour taste but we Assert this with some brussels sprouts Cut them in half roast them at 40 Degrees or 400 degrees for about 20 minutes with some salt and oil And that’s it thanks for watching guys [Music] [Music]

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