Slow Cooker Apple Cinnamon Oats

Slow Cooker Apple Cinnamon Oats

Hello, healthy eaters and slow cooker enthusiasts! If you’re seeking a breakfast option that is as nutritious as it is comforting, then you’re in for a treat. Today, we’re revealing the secrets of a delightful morning staple that will make your taste buds sing and keep you fueled throughout your day — Slow Cooker Apple Cinnamon Oats.

There’s something about the combination of sweet apples and aromatic cinnamon that immediately brings comfort, warmth, and a sense of nostalgia. Combine this with the heartiness of oats, and you have a breakfast that is not only delicious, but also packed with fiber, helping you stay satiated longer.

Our Slow Cooker Apple Cinnamon Oats recipe is the epitome of a stress-free, healthy breakfast. With the slow cooker doing the work, all you need to do is set it up the night before, and by morning, you’ll wake up to the inviting aroma of cooked apples and cinnamon, and a ready-to-serve, nutrient-rich breakfast. It’s a fantastic way to ease into your morning routine without the rush of preparing breakfast.

This recipe is not only great for busy weekday mornings, but it’s also perfect for relaxed weekend brunches. Serve it up with a variety of toppings like nuts, seeds, or a dollop of Greek yogurt, and you’ve got a versatile and satisfying meal to start your day.

So, let’s begin this culinary journey and transform your morning meals with the simplicity and flavor of our Slow Cooker Apple Cinnamon Oats. You’re just a sleep away from a delicious, wholesome breakfast! Let’s get cooking!

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Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 6-8 hours
Serves: 4-6

Important Tips:

Do not substitute any other type of oats for this recipe. Cooking times are based on using steel cut oats only.

It very important to either line or heavily grease the sides of your slow cooker crock before preparing this recipe. If you skip this step, the oats will stick to the sides and will be very difficult to remove.


1 c. steel cut oats
3 c. water
1 c. fresh apple cider
2 medium apples, cored and diced
1½ T. honey, preferably local
1 t. ground cinnamon
½ t. ground nutmeg
½ t. ground allspice
½ t. salt, to taste

To serve:
1 medium apple, cored and diced
½ c. pecans, chopped
Real maple syrup


  1. Add oats, water, cider, apples, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and salt to greased or lined slow cooker crock and stir to combine.
  2. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours. Actual cooking time will vary depending on your slow cooker, so check for doneness after 5 hours and adjust cooking time accordingly.
  3. To serve, allow to cool slightly before spooning into bowls and topping with fresh chopped apples, pecans, and some real maple syrup, if desired.


Apple Cinnamon Oats

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